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Frequently Asked Questions Answers to questions you may want to ask

When can we start to use SwatCRM?

You do not need to install a program to use SwatCRM. By using your browser, you can sign up and then start to use it.

We added some new offers and customers using the demo account, and now we want to be a member of SwatCRM. Can we use transfer our data from the demo account?

You can transfer the information in your demo account after becoming a member of SwatCRM.

Is there backup of our data?

As the SwatCRM team, we do hourly data backup and have alternative platforms for all situations.

Is there a user limit for SwatCRM?

There is no user limit for SwatCRM and you can add personnel as your team continues to grow. The number of personnel you want to add is not constrained and depends entirely on your needs.

I want to sign up to SwatCRM. What should i do?

In SwatCRM the authorized user can go to the user definitions under the definitions menu and define the information and usage authorization of the new user. You can also change the authorization of existing users from the same screen. You can make the user account passive for the personnel leaving the company and prevent their access to the system.

We want some of our users to use SwatCRM only in some places. What should we do?

User definitions include the user's access settings. From this screen, you can limit access to SwatCRM on an IP basis. You can define multiple IP addresses on this screen.

Our company is in the group and our managers want to follow the processes of each company. Is there a SwatCRM solution for us?

SwatCRM is designed to minimize the difficulties experienced in management processes. You should inform our support department for the group companies. Our support team associates the group companies to each other after they have received the information and enables them to follow the processes in their own companies as well as the group companies within their permission.

We prepare offers for many companies during a day. Offer items are very similar to each other and it is very time consuming to re-prepare the offer. Do you have a solution for this situation?

SwatCRM allows you to copy the offer for another customer with all its features both in the group companies and in your own company with the offer copy feature.

Our products have more than one exchange rate. Where can we get exchange rate information in case of cross exchange rate?

SwatCRM Areceives up-to-date TCMB (Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey) exchange rate information and conducts cross-currency studies in the offer studies. If you want to define the currency information yourself instead of using this feature, you can find the currency definitions field under the definitions menu.