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Follow Your Clients, Offers, and Meetings Easily

In SwatCRM, where all information regarding your clients, detailed information of your contacts, and the notes added about the clients are collected, each user can access the information within their authority. With the inbuilt messaging system, you can use SwatCRM for requests and correspondences. You can keep the track of your meetings with the SwatCRM calendar, receive reminders before the meeting and archive notes after the meeting.

Send Your Offers With Your Template and Create Offer History

Create corporate offer templates for your company using SwatCRM's parameter definitions, and define your e-mail settings. All the offers you send will be sent from your email address with the template you have created and in PDF format. You can prepare offers in any language with SwatCRM's multi-language feature. With the features of accepting, rejecting and reviewing offers and the offer template copy feature, you can quickly create the same offer template for different clients.

Set Your Offer Flow, Get Notified With Warnings

Define your products, customer representative discount rate, and customer discount rate from SwatCRM's parameter definitions, and automatic product prices will be formed in offers. According to the parameters you set, you can have automatic approvals or the people you give authorization to can manually approve offers. SwatCRM will get you end of day reports for business and tasks to be completed.

Follow Your Tasks and Calendar

With SwatCRM's calendar infrastructure, you can follow your hourly, daily and monthly tasks. You can assign work to an employee in the company, and keep track of the workflow. SwatCRM, which is a candidate to be your common point in the workflow within the company, will send you reminders you at the points you have determined.

An End to Forgetting and Confusion on Orders

In SwatCRM, after your offers have been accepted automatic order records are created and the information on the module is filled automatically. The status of orders and their relation with the warehouse is managed by SwatCRM. An order form is created based on your design and sent to clients by SwatCRM.

Warehouse Management is Possible from Anywhere

Even if you have warehouses on different locations, with your web infrastructure and SwatCRM's warehouse management module you can track the condition of products, orders, and keep track of your stock status using the stock level notification feature. With daily mails, your supervisors are notified of warehouse entry and exit operations.

Personnel Management Has Never Been Easier

In SwatCRM's personnel module, personnel information, approval and tracking of leaves can be seen. Connection of SwatCRM to the staff attendance control system you are using allows you to track all information regarding your personnel on one platform.

Strengthen Your Strategies With Powerful Reporting

With SwatCRM's reporting infrastructure, you can access reports with the parameters you set. Within this module, you can access the most lost offer reasons, employee performance, your most requested product, potential customer follow-ups, past/future meetings, and more.

Easy to Use, No Installation Needed, Ready-to-Use System

SwatCRM supports all internet browsers without installing additional software on your computers with its web infrastructure. You will be charged on a monthly basis with the ease of user-based payment and will not have to deal with additional costs.